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Venice 30cm gray

Don't over water your plants! Is your plant thirsty?
The roots absorb water from the reservoir. No more than need it,
the roots are constantly hanging in the water. Smart, isn't it?

As in the famous city in Italy, water plays a big role in Venice. Venetsia is our newest pot, which has also been designed to water plants. The plant gets just the right amount of water from the pot. It is designed so that the underspace for water is unnoticeable.

Product information

Height: 26cm
Width: 30cm
Depth: 30cm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Product number: VE.30.GR
EAN code: 5413724304609

Sales batch information
Height: 26cm
Width: 30cm
Depth: 30cm
Sales lot: 1 pc

Weight: 2.2 kg

Stage information
Height: 121cm
Width: 93cm
Length: 122cm
Weight: 290 kg
Quantity on stage: 132

HS Code: 3926909090

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