Swedish craftsmanship and design

We know that mailboxes require high quality and high-quality materials year after year. We are also convinced that the mailbox should have an attractive design. That's why we continue the traditions of Veljekset Berglund in the production of mailboxes. A tradition that dates back to 1897, when farmer David Berglund started a tin warehouse outside Gällstad in Västergötland. Today, the Berglund brothers are one of the leading mailbox manufacturers in the Nordics. We are proud to continue the traditions of Swedish design and craftsmanship.

  • Quality and design since 1897

    There are some things we take for granted when it comes to mailboxes. Mailboxes must be functional and have a beautiful design. There are mailboxes and mailboxes, as we like to say at Berglund.

  • Weatherproof

    Berglund mailboxes are equipped to withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather conditions. With our long experience, we have designed mailboxes whose structure and design can withstand the harsh weather of the Nordic countries.

  • 10-year rustproof guarantee

    Our mailboxes have high plate quality, which is galvanized steel plate or alternatively zinc. After this, the boxes are still powder coated. We can therefore give our boxes a 10-year rustproof guarantee.

  • Your mail is safe

    Berglund pays special attention to security so that your mail is in safe storage. All Berglund lockable mailboxes have the HandStop function, which prevents uninvited people from accessing the mail through the drop-in hatch. The mailboxes are equipped with an efficient lock that is adapted to the size and function of the mailbox.

  • Nordic product development and quality control

    Berglund is a Swedish brand. All product development and marketing takes place in Sweden, which is a guarantee of quality for you.

  • Easy attachment and erection

    To make it easier to install the mailbox, we have pre-drilled holes that also fit our uprights, which you can read more about on our website.