Silverline Pest Protect

Silverline Pest Protect offers you safe, simple solutions to guarantee the best protection against pests. You can relax and enjoy your home and garden in an environmentally friendly way. We have a wide range of solutions for the most common pests and unwanted animals.

Our A-Repeller offers researched electronic repellants with a unique custom high frequency sound that provides protection against pests in your home and garden. You get a reliable and safe pest control solution for your entire home. The selection includes products for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Silverline Pest Protect protects your home around the clock, all year round, hygienically and non-toxic. Silverline offers the strongest set of non-toxic options for pest control.

  • Choose according to your needs

    The Pest Protect system offers you solutions for different types of pests, both indoors and outdoors, e.g. mice, spiders, cats and moles. Every need and home looks different - that's why you can customize the solution that suits you from the products in our product range. Our products are easy to use, hygienic and completely non-toxic.

  • Unique sound technology

    The products emit a versatile and customized ultrasound that scares and disturbs mice and other pests that have adapted to different spaces. The noise affects their natural behavior, stressing them and creating an intolerable environment that they want to avoid. Silverline Pest Protect repels and protects effectively - without poison!