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Ropo Garden

Rainwater barrel protection ⌀ 95cm

The protection of the rainwater barrel prevents insects, leaves and other small foreign objects from entering the barrel. Use: Place the protection over the object of use. Tighten the cover in place using the tightening cord and locking mechanism.

Product details
Height: 3332552
Width: 950mm
Depth: 950mm
Weight: 0.078kg
Product number: 3332552
EAN code: 6430059570966

Sales batch information
Height: 3mm
Width: 950mm
Depth: 950mm

EAN of sales lot:
Sales lot: 8
Weight: 0.73

Stage information
Height: 1600mm
Width: 800mm
Depth: 1200mm
Weight: 110kg
Quantity on pallet: 1000

HS Code: 3926905000

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