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Rainwater barrel 360l gray with lid

A spacious GreenLine rainwater barrel with a volume of 360 liters. The barrel has an antique design that efficiently uses the rainwater coming from the roof. An excellent way to conserve water in hot and dry times when the garden needs watering. Use rainwater for environmentally friendly watering of your garden. Suitable for houses, greenhouses and other premises. Made of weather-resistant HDPE plastic, which guarantees a long service life. Comes with a cover for planting flowers. The rain barrel has two markings for connecting to the downspout and two threaded holes for a tap or garden hose. The connection to the downspout, the faucet and the connection kit from barrel to barrel are purchased separately. Easy to put together.

• Also works as a flower pot
• Weatherproof plastic
• Large volume

Area of ​​use: Rainwater barrels that efficiently utilize rainwater coming from the roof. Also suitable for watering plants in greenhouses.

Product information
Height: 1200mm
Width: 720mm
Depth: 800mm
Weight: 6.97 kg
Product number: 76158
EAN code: 7350007338242

Sales batch information
Height: N/A
Width: N/A
Depth: N/A

Sales lot EAN: N/A
Sales lot: 1
Weight: 6.97 kg

Stage information
Height: 2700mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 46kg

Quantity on stage: 3

Pallet EAN: 17350007338249

HS Code: 3924900090
Country of manufacture: Poland

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Tuotekoodi: 76158

EAN-koodi: 7350007338242

Myyntierä: 1

Tuotteen tiedot:

Tuotteen pituus: 80 cm

Tuotteen leveys: 72 cm

Tuotteen korkeus: 120 cm

Tuotteen nettopaino: 6.97 kg

Tuotteen bruttopaino: 6.97 kg

Tuotteen tilavuus: 691.2l

Tuotteen väri:

Myyntierän tiedot:

Myyntierän pituus:

Myyntierän leveys:

Myyntierän korkeus:120 cm

Myyntierän paino: 6.97 kg

Myyntierän EAN:

Lavan tiedot:

Lavalla kpl: 3

Lavalla myyntieriä: kpl

Lavalla kpl kerros:

Lavan pituus: 120 cm

Lavan leveys: 80 cm

Lavan korkeus: 270 cm

Lavan paino: 46 kg

Lavan EAN: 17350007338249

Tullikoodi: 3924900090

Valmistusmaa: Puola / PL

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