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Cat & Wildlife Repellent™KV300

The adjustable sound frequencies make the animals leave the area with a coverage area of ​​up to 300 m². Set the frequency knob of the animal to be banished to the correct animal. ChaseLight surprises animals with a strong flashing light. The built-in motion detector monitors an area of ​​up to 15 meters in front of the deterrent.

Product details
Height: 220mm
Width: 163mm
Depth: 95mm
Weight: 0.68mm
Area of ​​influence: 300m2
Product number: 25360
EAN code: 7350007336682

Sales batch information
Height: 172mm
Width: 230mm
Depth: 293mm

EAN of the sales lot: 17350007336689
Sales lot: 3
Weight: 0.87

Stage information
Height: N/A
Width: 800mm
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 0.87kg
Quantity on stage: 3

HS Code: 8543709099
Country of manufacture: China


A-Guard A unique high-frequency sound that disturbs mice and rats, creating an unbearable environment for them. This prevents them from setting up home in your home.

ChaseLight – Surprises and distracts animals with a powerful strobe light.


ECO Effective removal - without toxins.

IP44 - Withstands IP44 class moisture.

Tested and proven Developed and tested for best performance.