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Cat & Dog Repellent G Granulate

Cat & Dog Repellent G is a granule that prevents cats and dogs from coming onto sprinkled surfaces. Suitable for e.g. For flower beds, plantings. Can be applied to all objects and surfaces. Dosage 30 g/m². The effect lasts up to 3 months, but weakens after rain. To achieve the best effect, repeat the treatment when the effect starts to weaken. 400g jar with a lid, covers up to 15 m²

  • Effect up to 3 months
  • Approved repellent for cats & dogs
  • No annoying smell

    Product information
    Height: 165mm
    Width: 102mm
    Depth: 102mm
    Weight: 0.53kg
    Product number: 22603
    EAN code: 7350007338068

    Sales batch information
    Height: 170mm
    Width: 420mm
    Depth: 300mm

    EAN of sales lot:
    Sales lot: 12
    Weight: 6.7 kg

    Stage information
    Height: 1700mm
    Width: 800mm
    Length: 1200mm
    Weight: 40.2 kg
    Quantity on pallet: 648

    HS Code: 3808590000
    Country of manufacture: Belgium

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