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Kitchen compost Urban Garden

Did you know that more than half of your household waste is compostable? And which also contains important nutrients for the soil. With GreenLine's compost Urban Garden, you can easily and quickly start composting household waste indoors, such as in an apartment, a cabin or why not even a caravan.

The compost system transforms food waste into healthy and nutritious compost waste, while producing flower nutrient water in the process. Airproof-tec offers an anaerobic composting process in the Urban Garden compost. Compost bedding Urban Garden (not included) helps to activate organic waste. Urban Garden volume: 15 l.

The advantages of kitchen compost Urban Garden:

  • No bad smell because good bacteria are used.
  • No fruit flies because the compost is airtight.
  • Both uncooked and cooked foods such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables can be composted.
  • Give your plants a new blooming life by digging compost directly into the pot, so composting strengthens the soil of your pots.
  • Be part of an organic solution where food waste is composted instead of landfills.

Product details
Height: 385mm
Width: 280mm
Depth: 280mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Product number: 71170
EAN code: 7350007336255

Sales batch information
EAN of the sales lot: 17350007336252
Sales lot:
Weight: N/A

Stage information
Height: 2100mm
Width: 800mm
Depth: 1200mm
Quantity on stage: 40

HS Code: 39231010

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Tuotekoodi: 71170

EAN-koodi: 7350007336255


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Lavalla kpl kerros:

Lavan pituus: 120 cm

Lavan leveys: 80 cm

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Lavan EAN:

Tullikoodi: 9620009110

Valmistusmaa: Ruotsi / SE

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