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Mouse & Rat steel wool 40cm

Mouse & Rat steel wool 40cm

Are you looking for an effective solution to fight mice and rats? Try Steel wool, which is made of durable stainless steel wire and PE fiber. Steel wool is an excellent way to plug gaps and cracks where mice and rats can enter.

Steel wool is easy to use - just cut pieces of suitable size and insert them into cracks or openings. It is a durable material that stays in place for a long time. You can use it, for example, between the walls and floors of buildings, in ventilation ducts, around pipes and in many other places.

Please wear gloves when using Teräswool. The width is 40 mm and the length is 400 mm, so it can block even larger openings. Steel wool is also environmentally friendly and safe to use - it does not contain toxic substances.

Product information
Height: 135mm
Width: 110mm
Depth: 50mm
Weight: 0.1kg
Product number: 22170
EAN code: 7350007337375

Sales batch information
Height: 140mm
Width: 190mm
Depth: 280mm

EAN of the sales lot: 17350007337372
Sales batch: 10
Weight: N/A

Stage information
Height: 1400mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 1200mm
Weight: N/A
Quantity on pallet pcs: 1440

HS Code: 7326200090
Country of manufacture: China

Download user manual: N/A


Tuotekoodi: 22170

EAN-koodi: 7350007337375

Myyntierä: 10

Tuotteen tiedot:

Tuotteen pituus: 5 cm

Tuotteen leveys: 11 cm

Tuotteen korkeus: 13.5 cm

Tuotteen nettopaino: 0.05 kg

Tuotteen bruttopaino: 0.05 kg

Tuotteen tilavuus: 0.743l

Tuotteen väri:

Myyntierän tiedot:

Myyntierän pituus: 27.5 cm

Myyntierän leveys: 19 cm

Myyntierän korkeus:13.5 cm

Myyntierän paino: 0.65 kg

Myyntierän EAN: 17350007337372

Lavan tiedot:

Lavalla kpl: 1440

Lavalla myyntieriä: 144kpl

Lavalla kpl kerros: 160

Lavan pituus: 120 cm

Lavan leveys: 80 cm

Lavan korkeus: 132 cm

Lavan paino: 115 kg

Lavan EAN: 27350007337379

Tullikoodi: 7326200090

Valmistusmaa: Kiina / CN

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