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Mouse and Rat Repellent™ MR50

Mouse and Rat Repellent™ MR50

The Mouse and Rat Repellent™ repels mice and rats from indoors - effectively, hygienically and non-toxic. Silverline® A-Guard®

is a unique sound technology that repels pests effectively. Place the repellent on the wall in the socket in the space you want to protect. The repellent works immediately and around the clock! The effective area of ​​Mouse and Rat Repellent™ 50 is approximately 50 m².

The Mouse and Rat Repellent™ emits a unique high-frequency sound that scares away mice and rats. A-Guard® disrupts the natural behavior and communication of mice and rats, causing an intolerable living environment for them. Thus, mice and rats start to avoid the area where the repellent works.

Humans and domestic animals (not pet rodents) are not affected by high-frequency sound. Expelled mice and rats do not get used to the sound. Does not cause interference in other electronic devices. The product belongs to the Silverline® Pest Protect System® product family.

Product information
Height: 175mm
Width: 115mm
Depth: 82mm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Area of ​​influence: 50m2
Product number: 25301
EAN code: 7350007336576

Sales batch information
Height: 130mm
Width: 190mm
Depth: 350mm

EAN of the sales lot: 17350007336573
Sales batch: 4
Weight: 1.27

Stage information
Height: N/A
Width: 800mm
Length: 1200mm
Weight: N/A
Quantity on stage pcs: 528

HS Code: 8543709099
Country of manufacture: China


A-Guard A unique high-frequency sound that disturbs mice and rats, creating an unbearable environment for them. This prevents them from setting up home in your home.


Child & Pet safe Safe for children, cats, dogs, birds and fish (not pet rodents).


Plug & Protect 24/7 Plug in - works directly and around the clock!


ECO Effective removal - without toxins.

Tested and proven Developed and tested for best performance.


Tuotekoodi: 25301

EAN-koodi: 7350007336576

Myyntierä: 4

Tuotteen tiedot:

Tuotteen pituus: 8.2 cm

Tuotteen leveys: 11.5 cm

Tuotteen korkeus: 17.5 cm

Tuotteen nettopaino: 0.06 kg

Tuotteen bruttopaino: 0.25 kg

Tuotteen tilavuus: 1.65l

Tuotteen väri:

Myyntierän tiedot:

Myyntierän pituus: 35 cm

Myyntierän leveys: 19 cm

Myyntierän korkeus:17.5 cm

Myyntierän paino: 0.78 kg

Myyntierän EAN: 17350007336573

Lavan tiedot:

Lavalla kpl: 528

Lavalla myyntieriä: 132kpl

Lavalla kpl kerros: 48

Lavan pituus: 120 cm

Lavan leveys: 80 cm

Lavan korkeus: 154 cm

Lavan paino: 118 kg

Lavan EAN: 27350007336570

Tullikoodi: 8543709099

Valmistusmaa: Kiina / CN

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