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Mouse trap Hiro M1

Mouse trap Hiro M1

A very effective mousetrap made of plastic with excellent security features. The safety features of the mousetrap guarantee safe handling when loading the trap. A child- and pet-friendly option for trapping mice. Patented technology.

How does the Mouse Trap Hiro M1 work?

The mouse trap is raised when the mouse stands on both front legs in front of the bait and lifts the lid. Therefore, the mouse will die immediately, and not just get hurt or sneak out from under the trap. A child- and pet-friendly option and approved by the Swedish Nature Conservation Society.

The mouse gets trapped thanks to the unique Care-tec® solution. The bait under the cover spreads the scent through the cover and is therefore more effective, safer and more secure as a trap. Lift-tec® ensures that the trap is released when the mouse stands on both front legs in front of the bait and lifts the lid. Once the mouse has lifted the lid, Speed-tec® ensures that the mouse dies immediately. Due to the unique method, catching is done in a sure and safe way!

Product information
Height: 135mm
Width: 50mm
Depth: 55mm
Weight: 0.05kg
Product number: 22150
EAN code: 7350007337085

Sales batch information
Height: 155mm
Width: 300mm
Depth: 240mm

EAN of the sales lot: 17350007337082
Sales lot: 36
Weight: 1

Stage information
Height: 1250mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 214kg
Quantity on pallet pcs: 3024

HS Code: 39249000
Country of manufacture: Sweden

Download user manual: N/A

Tested and proven Developed and tested for best performance.

Made of recycled plastic .


Tuotekoodi: 22150

EAN-koodi: 7350007337085

Myyntierä: 36

Tuotteen tiedot:

Tuotteen pituus: 5.5 cm

Tuotteen leveys: 5 cm

Tuotteen korkeus: 13.5 cm

Tuotteen nettopaino: 0.05 kg

Tuotteen bruttopaino: 0.05 kg

Tuotteen tilavuus: 0.371l

Tuotteen väri:

Myyntierän tiedot:

Myyntierän pituus: 24 cm

Myyntierän leveys: 30 cm

Myyntierän korkeus:13.5 cm

Myyntierän paino: 2.29 kg

Myyntierän EAN: 17350007337082

Lavan tiedot:

Lavalla kpl: 3024

Lavalla myyntieriä: 84kpl

Lavalla kpl kerros: 432

Lavan pituus: 120 cm

Lavan leveys: 80 cm

Lavan korkeus: 125 cm

Lavan paino: 214 kg

Lavan EAN: 27350007337089

Tullikoodi: 39249000

Valmistusmaa: Ruotsi / SE

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