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Fertilex 6-2-1 General fertilizer 6L

Fertilex 6-2-1 General fertilizer 6L

Fertilex fertilizer is a super fertilizer for the vegetable garden and all plants in the yard. With a smaller amount, you get a good growth fertilizer for your plants. Fertilex fertilizer is a responsible choice. Fertilex 6-1-2 fertilizer is a natural, organic fertilizer made in Finland. The specialty comes from the fact that the dry, granular pellet is dried with the heat produced by the chickens themselves. The heat produced by the chickens is directed to the manure conveyors via fans. The dried manure is sanitized and packed in an easily transportable form.

With this drying technique, more nutrients remain in the product, so you can use half as much as other products. Thus, transportation costs are also reduced and the environment is saved.

Fertilex fertilizer has 36% carbon and by using Fertilex, you can offset your own carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, carbon revives the important humus layer of the earth.

You get the best growth result when Fertilex fertilizer granules are sprinkled on the plant's root zone. The effectiveness of Fertilex improves when you mix it with surface soil and water it abundantly. When fertilizing larger areas, spread the fertilizer several times by going in different directions. This way you get an even spread. Fertilex fertilizer binds carbon back into the soil and thus makes the soil more porous. Plants grow best in loose soil.

Product number: 30034322

EAN code: 6429830034322

Packaging width: 23cm

Package length: 19.5cm

Package height: 19.5cm

Package weight: 4.4 kg

Pallet size: 120 pcs

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