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Morinda 17cm taupe

Orchids are truly stunning flowers, but these flowers have specific water and oxygen requirements. We have designed Ecopots Morinda for these requirements
a pot with a raised part at the bottom. Thanks to the bottom, the roots of the plant are never in water.

Product details

Height : 19.50cm
Width: 17.00cm
Depth: 19.50 cm
Weight: 0.50 kg
Product number: MOR.17.TA
EAN code: 5413724325772

Sales batch information
Height: 19.50 cm
Width: 17.00cm
19.50 cm
Sales lot: 1pc

Weight: 0.50 kg

Stage information
Height: 125cm
Width: 110cm
Length: 110cm

Weight: 96 kg
Quantity on stage pcs: 192

HS Code: 3926909090

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